How to play & WIN


1. Download the app or play online
2. Pick any of our awesome destinations to visit, and complete that destination’s challenge and/or purchase the featured art print. 
3. Upload the challenge and/or selfie with your new art print to Facebook and/or instagram  with the corresponding hashtags.
 That's it! Get ready to win monthly art and prize giveaways! Winners announced on Whitney Jayne's   &   so be sure to like/follow both if you haven't yet.

Before you dive in, Please  read the 'DISCLAIMER' below, and Definitely check out the HINTS & TIPS video below  to significantly increase your chances of winning.  🙂  



This menu will take you to a list of each Region’s destinations, where you can see the challenges and artwork waiting for you at each stop, as well as info about the destination, which #hashtags to use in your challenge upload, and suggestions on where you can go next.


This menu will take you to our Treasure for Travelers Game Map, where you can view each destination by region, location, art, type (food, site seeing, recreation, accommodations, etc), get business details (phone, hours, website, etc.), and get directions.


As mentioned above, monthly winners are announced on Facebook and instagram, so your first step should be making sure you have liked/followed each page. Posting your challenges to both will increase your chances, but is not required.   


The art plays an important roll in this project - providing a special way for you to remember and take your favorite experiences home with you, while also being the engine that keeps this project running. Proceeds not only support Treasures 4 Travelers, but also benefit each destination, Oregon sustainability and a cause of your choice!
FUN FACT: Every time you take a selfie with an art piece you purchase (in person or online), you get a bonus entry for that month! 🙂 


While we don't actually anticipate you experiencing anything but fun, we are still covering our bases and including this handy disclaimer that you are responsible for reading before you start participating:

DISCLAIMER: You participate at your own risk, and it is up to you to determine which challenges you'd like to try, where you’d like to go, and to what extent you wish to participate.  This means for example, that if you smash your finger playing bocce ball, fall off a cliff while hiking, or go in to anaphylactic shock trying a chocolate covered hazelnut etc., You can’t and won’t hold Treasures 4 Travelers, Whitney Jayne, our featured destinations, or any of our affiliates responsible for any harm, accidents or unfortunate events that might occur while playing and traveling, completing challenges, and utilizing this app, website and the directions/suggestions/ideas contained inside. By playing, you agree that you and you alone are solely responsible for your choices and actions.